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Meaning of the name ZIPPORAH

ZIPPORAH means: Anglicized form of Hebrew Tsipporah, ZIPPORAH means "bird." In the bible, this is the name of the wife of Moses.

Meaning of the name PRZEMYSŁ

PRZEMYSŁ means: Polish byname transferred to forename use, derived from an Old Polish noun PRZEMYSŁ means "trick, stratagem," hence "cunning." 

Meaning of the name KEKOA

KEKOA means: Hawaiian name KEKOA means "the brave one."

Meaning of the name Naioth

Naioth means: beauties; habitations

Meaning of the name Khatira

Khatira means: Precious memory

Meaning of the name Wallace

Wallace means: Welshman; Stranger; Foreign; Celtic; From Wales

Meaning of the name Jaladhipa

Jaladhipa means: King of the Waters

Meaning of the name Seshvar

Seshvar means: Believing in God

Meaning of the name Niroj

Niroj means: Lotus

Meaning of the name Parjanya

Parjanya means: Rain

Meaning of the name Ratna

Ratna means: Jewellery; Precious Stone; Gem

Meaning of the name Samyuktha

Samyuktha means: United; Goddess Devi

Meaning of the name Allfreda

Allfreda means: Elf Power

Meaning of the name Aakshaya | ஆக்ஷயா

Aakshaya | ஆக்ஷயா means: Indestructible, Immortal

Meaning of the name Akshayan

Akshayan means: Goddess Durga (the daughter of Daksha)

Meaning of the name Naurus

Naurus means: Bird in Arabic

Meaning of the name Della

Della means: Bright. Noble.

Meaning of the name Babbitt

Babbitt means: English : from the personal name Babot, a medieval pet form of Barbara, or Bobet, a pet form of Robert.English : Alternatively, perhaps, a nickname from Middle English dialect babbit ‘baby’.English : The founder of the American Babbitt family was Edward Bobet, who came to Plymouth Colony in 1643.

Meaning of the name Holsey

Holsey means: English : of uncertain origin; perhaps a variant of Halsey.

Meaning of the name Witherington

Witherington means: English : habitational name from Witherington Down or Witherington Farm in Wiltshire, or Witherenden in Ticehurst, Sussex. The Wiltshire places are named from an Old English wīðign ‘willow copse’ + Old English tūn ‘settlement’. Witherenden is from the Old English personal name Wither + -ing- denoting association with + denn ‘woodland pasture’.

Meaning of the name Eic

Meaning of the name Miwh

Meaning of the name Iizav

Meaning of the name Wheeth

Meaning of the name Hyaphid

Meaning of the name Shoyglyo

Meaning of the name Byukizeen

Meaning of the name Bucmieniun

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